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In Rome, in via Goffredo Mameli 5 in Trastevere a few steps from the Fontana dell'Acqua Paola also called "Fontanone", from the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, under the slopes of the Gianicolo, an elegant and refined restaurant awaits youSOMO RESTAURANT is a restaurant with creative cuisine and contemporary sushi. A combination of class, design. modernity and aesthetic quality integrated perfectly with technology, lends itself to welcoming customers to take care of them by dedicating an extraordinary artistic culinary experience in line with their expectations.

In accordance with the interpretation given by SOMO, “Japanese” brings together and elaborates the flavors of Japanese gastronomy in all of its forms and manifestations, while “Fusion” expresses the joining of Oriental and Mediterranean cuisine.

The wine selection at SOMO is the result of careful research that gives preference to indigenous vine varieties. The selection offers choice within the entire panorama of Italian viticulture, and is not solely confined to prominent producers, but instead also takes into account emerging wineries. The selection is in fact based on quality considerations and the constant search for new proposals and tastes to be submitted for the pleasure of guests.

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